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His imagination knows no bounds, and quite clearly, his approach based on placing technical innovation in the service of his dreams consistently pushes the borders of feasibility to take watchmaking into a whole new era. For almost 30 years, Jacob Arabo, the visionary founder of Jacob & Co., has been enchanting the world of haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie with a distinctive taste for innovation, glamour and the spectacular. The brand displays unbridled creativity in its remarkable models, most of which glow with the fire of the finest diamonds or the most elegant precious colored stones. All of them demonstrate excellence in the field of mechanical horology.

Spectacular… The word is almost too weak to describe the Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette watch. A precious and refined interpretation of the model unveiled at Baselworld in 2014, this watch that reveals the penchant shown by Jacob & Co. for theatrical stage-settings is stunning in every way. First of all, it is endowed with undeniably symbolic power by the fact that it literally brings the cosmos to the wrist of the individual owning one of the nine watches in this limited edition. The hand-painted titanium Earth and the Moon embodied by an imposing Jacob-cut diamond featuring 288 facets is visible in a manner never yet seen in watchmaking. The broad 50mm pink gold case featuring a side opening and topped by a domed sapphire crystal reveals a totally extraordinary vision of the two heavenly bodies in motion. The movement is the other essential characteristic of the Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, since manual-winding Jacob & Co. Caliber JCEM01 presents an unprecedented choreographic performance featuring multi-axial revolutions. As well as spinning in its carriage in 60 seconds, the tourbillon also moves along two additional axes : its arm around which it turns in five minutes, and the rim of the watch that it takes 20 minutes to circle. The cut-out offset dial also performs a circular motion around the watch faces, while the XII numeral remains consistently at the top of the disk. As for the Earth and its satellite, the Moon, they also turn heads by joining this perpetual dance set against the backdrop of an incredible invisible setting composed of 342 baguette-cut diamonds. Through this unconventional interpretation flirting with the limits of haute horlogerie, Jacob & Co. creates a mesmerizing wristworn observatory in which every part works independently towards a common goal. The overall result is quite simply fascinating.


Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette. The hand-painted titanium Earth and the Moon embodied by an imposing Jacob-cut diamond featuring 288 facets is visible in a manner never yet seen in watchmaking.
© Jacob & Co.

Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette
Case: pink gold, sapphire opening on the sides, water-resistant to 30m
Diameter: 50 mm
Movement: mechanical manual-winding Jacob & Co JCEM01, 48h power reserve
Functions: hours, minutes, tourbillon
Dial: invisible setting composed of 342 baguette-cut diamonds
Strap: alligator leather
Limited Edition: 9

In a radically different style, Jacob & Co. once again composes an anthem to the technical avant-garde with the Epic SF 24. In this instance, the aesthetic is more turned towards the past with a retro look that highlights a surprising world-first 24-hour dual-time display. Integrated inside a cylinder-shaped tube, the travel time indication is inspired by split-flap airport or train station information boards. Alongside its vintage nature, this unique construction is also highly functional in that a single press on the monopusher serves to display the name of a new city and the corresponding time.


Epic SF 24.
© Jacob & Co.

Epic SF 24
Case : rose gold, water-resistant to 30m
Diameter : 45mm
Movement : mechanical self-winding Jacob & Co JCAA02, 48h power reserve Functions : hours, minutes, 24h dual-time display
Dial : opaline anthracite
Strap : alligator leather

Jacob & Co . also excels in the field of skeleton working. The sleek and powerful Epic X Racing watch revisits the aesthetic codes of motor racing with taut, highly contemporary lines. The 44mm titanium case features white neoralithe inserts, accentuating the sporting nature of this watch providing a clear view of the vertically aligned barrel and balance wheel. A fine graphic composition which, as always with Jacob & Co., effectively serves a peerless mechanism – and vice versa.

Epic X Racing.
© Jacob & Co.

Epic X Racing
Case : titanium, inserts in white neoralithe, water-resistant to 50m
Diameter : 44 mm
Movement : mechanical manual-winding skeleton Jacob & Co. JCAM02, 48h power reserve
Functions : hours, minutes
Strap : alligator leather

Jacob & Co. has always refused to choose between reliable and creative watchmaking and sparkling High Jewelry expertise. Witness the Brilliant Skeleton which provides a fine demonstration of the Jacob & Co. know-how in creating skeletonized mechanical movements. Distinguished by transparency and a light, airy design, the manual-winding Jacob & Co. movement highlights this delicate art, enhanced by a halo of diamonds set around the bezel of the pink gold case. No less than 367 diamonds of various sizes clothe the case in precious radiance.

Brilliant Skeleton Jewelry. Distinguished by transparency and a light, airy design, the manual-winding Jacob & Co. movement highlights the delicate art of skeleton working.
© Cheap Replica Rolex

Brilliant Skeleton Jewelry
Case : diamond-set rose gold, water-resistant to 30m
Diameter : 44mm
Movement : mechanical manual-winding skeletonized Jacob & Co JCAM01, 46h power reserve
Functions : hours, minutes
Strap : alligator leather

Refined and resolutely feminine despite its broad 44mm diameter, the Brilliant Rainbow is a visual enchantment for anyone who loves colored gemstones. A true rainbow of subtly graded sapphires highlights the mother-of-pearl dial, also enhanced with sapphire hour-markers, while a fine diamond setting draws all eyes towards the center. Originality and exclusivity are the keynotes of this ladies’ watch flamboyantly expressing the quintessence of the Jacob & Co. spirit.

Brilliant Rainbow.
© Best Fake Watches

Brillant Rainbow
Case : pink gold set with baguette-cut sapphires, water-resistant to 30m
Diameter : 44mm
Movement : mechanical self-winding ETA 2892
Functions : hours, minutes, seconds Dial : white mother-of-pearl set with sapphires and diamond-set rose gold
Strap : alligator leather
Limited edition : 101

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— We take a closer look at the meaning of some of the inspired collection names that are now part of horological history.

De Grisogono, Carrera Panamericana, Chopard, Altiplano, El Primero

The name of a Rolex Replica watch collection is often the first thing people know about it. Watchmakers have long since grasped the importance of making the right choice in this respect.

Anyone who has already faced the delicate task of naming a model will know just how hard it is to get it right. The name has to mean something. It must also sound good, be easy to memorise and also tell a story. It must embody the product but also evoke dreams. All of which gives some idea of the new challenges watch brands face for each new collection. Some background details on these iconic names that meet all the criteria leading to success.

Altiplano, a natural choice

Whereas Piaget first unveiled its expertise in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking with the 9P calibre launched in 1957, it was not until 1998 that it created the Altiplano collection. Above and beyond the technical prowess displayed by the Maison in the ultra-thin domain, the name Altiplano is a success story in its own right, inspired by the “high plateau” stretching for more than 1,500 kilometres at the heart of the Andes mountain range. These landscapes perched at an average altitude of 3,650 m – a figure echoed by the 3.65 mm thickness of the super-slender Altiplano 900P – feature a surface that is infinitely smooth, windswept and devoid of any artifice. Beneath it lies a wealth of copper, silver and even gold. Piaget could not have hoped for a more appropriate name for this collection that pushes the boundaries of infinite thinness.


Altiplano, red gold, 38mm and 34mm models.
© Piaget

Allegra, the jewellery TAG Heuer Replica watch from father to daughter

While people often wonder what creative fairy may have bent over the proverbial cradle of Fawaz Gruosi, the founder of de Grisogono did not in this instance have to look any further than his daughter Allegra for the name of one of his emblematic collections. Initially introduced as rings and earrings, the Allegra collection now includes a watch featuring a design clearly inspired by a cuff bracelet. These joyful, playful models embody the quintessence of the de Grisogono spirit: unbridled creativity, self-assured femininity, along with an immoderate taste for colour and for precious stones… From father to daughter.

de Grisogono

Allegra S09.
© de Grisogono

L.U.C, a return to roots

LUC is not a first name, nor indeed a name as such… These are in fact the initials of Louis-Ulysse Chopard who created his L.U.C manufactory in Sonvilier in 1860. Although it was taken over by Karl Scheufele III in 1963, the firm remains strongly attached to its roots. It was in tribute to the company founder that Chopard Manufacture was established in 1996 in Fleurier (Canton Neuchâtel) to produce its L.U.C movements that have become synonymous with innovation, precision and reliability.


L.U.C Lunar Big Date.
© Chopard

Carrera, more than just a race

Well before becoming a Panerai Replica watch, it was a race: one of the most dangerous of them all, one of the legendary sports events that, long after the end of their story, leave an indelible imprint on collective memory. TAG Heuer drew inspiration from the Carrera Pan Americana in christening its chronograph launched in 1963 and which has since become an authentic watchmaking legend. Considered the world’s most prestigious car race, the Carrera Pan Americana was held just five times, between 1950 and 1954. Five days of driving along 3,300 kilometres across Mexico forged the reputation of this competition that has come to be considered as the most demanding road race of all time. Since 1988, cars are once again tearing up the tarmac in the modern version of this race, whose 28th edition sponsored by TAG Heuer will take place in October 2015. Blending high standards, sporting challenges and the spirit of adventure, the Fake Rolex watch has inherited all the characteristics that have shaped a legend. Undeniable assets and a name that makes its mark.

TAG Heuer

Carrera Panamericana Special Edition.
© TAG Heuer

The aptly named El Primero

What makes a name successful? Its evocative power? The meaning it gives to the product? Simply called El Primero because it was indeed the first of its kind, El Primero was initially a calibre – the first-ever automatic chronograph. Released by Zenith in 1969, it was built around a column wheel and a central rotor mounted on ball bearings. Since then, the calibre has given its name to an entire collection that is interpreted according to the keynotes that have built the reputation of this iconic movement: precision and performance. Since the year when Mankind achieved the feat of walking on the moon, this exceptional horological creation has been proudly encircling the wrists of aficonados the world over – often surprising them as if it were their very first time!


El Primero 410.
© Zenith