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— We take a closer look at the meaning of some of the inspired collection names that are now part of horological history.

De Grisogono, Carrera Panamericana, Chopard, Altiplano, El Primero

The name of a Rolex Replica watch collection is often the first thing people know about it. Watchmakers have long since grasped the importance of making the right choice in this respect.

Anyone who has already faced the delicate task of naming a model will know just how hard it is to get it right. The name has to mean something. It must also sound good, be easy to memorise and also tell a story. It must embody the product but also evoke dreams. All of which gives some idea of the new challenges watch brands face for each new collection. Some background details on these iconic names that meet all the criteria leading to success.

Altiplano, a natural choice

Whereas Piaget first unveiled its expertise in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking with the 9P calibre launched in 1957, it was not until 1998 that it created the Altiplano collection. Above and beyond the technical prowess displayed by the Maison in the ultra-thin domain, the name Altiplano is a success story in its own right, inspired by the “high plateau” stretching for more than 1,500 kilometres at the heart of the Andes mountain range. These landscapes perched at an average altitude of 3,650 m – a figure echoed by the 3.65 mm thickness of the super-slender Altiplano 900P – feature a surface that is infinitely smooth, windswept and devoid of any artifice. Beneath it lies a wealth of copper, silver and even gold. Piaget could not have hoped for a more appropriate name for this collection that pushes the boundaries of infinite thinness.


Altiplano, red gold, 38mm and 34mm models.
© Piaget

Allegra, the jewellery TAG Heuer Replica watch from father to daughter

While people often wonder what creative fairy may have bent over the proverbial cradle of Fawaz Gruosi, the founder of de Grisogono did not in this instance have to look any further than his daughter Allegra for the name of one of his emblematic collections. Initially introduced as rings and earrings, the Allegra collection now includes a watch featuring a design clearly inspired by a cuff bracelet. These joyful, playful models embody the quintessence of the de Grisogono spirit: unbridled creativity, self-assured femininity, along with an immoderate taste for colour and for precious stones… From father to daughter.

de Grisogono

Allegra S09.
© de Grisogono

L.U.C, a return to roots

LUC is not a first name, nor indeed a name as such… These are in fact the initials of Louis-Ulysse Chopard who created his L.U.C manufactory in Sonvilier in 1860. Although it was taken over by Karl Scheufele III in 1963, the firm remains strongly attached to its roots. It was in tribute to the company founder that Chopard Manufacture was established in 1996 in Fleurier (Canton Neuchâtel) to produce its L.U.C movements that have become synonymous with innovation, precision and reliability.


L.U.C Lunar Big Date.
© Chopard

Carrera, more than just a race

Well before becoming a Panerai Replica watch, it was a race: one of the most dangerous of them all, one of the legendary sports events that, long after the end of their story, leave an indelible imprint on collective memory. TAG Heuer drew inspiration from the Carrera Pan Americana in christening its chronograph launched in 1963 and which has since become an authentic watchmaking legend. Considered the world’s most prestigious car race, the Carrera Pan Americana was held just five times, between 1950 and 1954. Five days of driving along 3,300 kilometres across Mexico forged the reputation of this competition that has come to be considered as the most demanding road race of all time. Since 1988, cars are once again tearing up the tarmac in the modern version of this race, whose 28th edition sponsored by TAG Heuer will take place in October 2015. Blending high standards, sporting challenges and the spirit of adventure, the Fake Rolex watch has inherited all the characteristics that have shaped a legend. Undeniable assets and a name that makes its mark.

TAG Heuer

Carrera Panamericana Special Edition.
© TAG Heuer

The aptly named El Primero

What makes a name successful? Its evocative power? The meaning it gives to the product? Simply called El Primero because it was indeed the first of its kind, El Primero was initially a calibre – the first-ever automatic chronograph. Released by Zenith in 1969, it was built around a column wheel and a central rotor mounted on ball bearings. Since then, the calibre has given its name to an entire collection that is interpreted according to the keynotes that have built the reputation of this iconic movement: precision and performance. Since the year when Mankind achieved the feat of walking on the moon, this exceptional horological creation has been proudly encircling the wrists of aficonados the world over – often surprising them as if it were their very first time!


El Primero 410.
© Zenith

Dual Time 2015 – Rolex Replica Watches Sale

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Using just the power of light, the Astron GPS Solar Dual Time connects to the GPS network and tells time with atomic clock precision, adjusting at the touch of a button to your time zone. Now, with the new Dual-Time caliber, you can read not only the Patek Philippe Replica time where you are, but also the time in your home time zone on a simple 12 hour sub-dial with a separate AM/PM indicator.

In addition, the day of the week is displayed in a retrograde display at the 2 o’clock position,  with the date at the 4 o’clock position. The date is correct every day until February 28, 2100, thanks to Astron’s Perpetual Calendar and the operation of the Breitling Replica watch is made simple by the electronic setting function in the crown.

Tiffany Opening of the Geneva boutique replica watches

— On 18 June, Tiffany & Co celebrated the opening of its new replica Rolex watches Geneva store at 21, Rue du Rhône.


The evening was hosted by Frederic Cumenal, CEO of Tiffany & Co. and Gitta Gräfin Lambsdorff, Managing Director Tiffany & Co., Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The approximately 500 guests included Mrs. Paloma Picasso Thévenet and Dr. Thévenet, Julia Tholstrup, Satya Oblette and Carol Asscher.

Guests were welcomed to a cocktail reception at the store where they were able to explore the new interiors across the store’s two floors and discover dazzling jewellery and the limited edition Swiss replica watches sale that the American jeweller has specially created to commemorate its return to Geneva.

Also, on view for a limited time, is the legendary Tiffany Diamond.  The 128.54-carat fancy yellow diamond is mounted in a necklace of white diamonds totalling more than 100 carats.  It is the heart of Tiffany’s diamond legacy and the inspiration behind every Tiffany diamond.


Maja Bijlenga, CEO of Propaganda LIVE, Satya Oblette, Lina Tabbara, Director of the Geneva Boutque,Julia Tholstrup and René Goetz.
© Cheap Replica Watches

Following the cocktail reception, guests were then ushered to a glamourous marquee with a stunning Tiffany Blue Box entrance. With magnificent views to the Lake Geneva and the Jet d’Eau, they enjoyed a fantastic party with live performances by renowned saxophonist Chez Taylor-Francis, DJ Mike and DJ Viky Queen.

Panerai Fake Watches A windy weekend in Antibes

— Replica Panerai Watches is both a sponsor and entrant in the Classic Yacht Challenge.

Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge

Last weekend saw the Antibes stage of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge. It is an unusual association in the world of sport, since it is spearheaded on the personal initiative of the brand’s CEO and Panerai also enters its own yacht in the regatta.

The Earth’s landmass is huge, but the oceans are even bigger. This is why a number of replica Rolex watches for sale brands can be involved in sponsoring regattas without necessarily coming into contact with each other. Panerai has found its position mid-way between the giant Rolex and independents such as HYT. The Italian brand sponsors what is today the biggest international regatta circuit. Taking place from April till September, the Classic Yachts Challenge comprises nine races featuring some of the most beautiful classic yachts. Is it a sponsorship based on pure marketing? Not entirely.

It all started with Panerai’s CEO Angelo Bonati, who is crazy about classic yachting. The brand’s global sponsorship is therefore a direct result of the passion of one man, who has driven a partnership that has now been in place for eleven years.

Vieux gréments à Antibes

Malgré l’immensité des mers, les vieux gréements ne se frôlent souvent qu’à quelques mètres durant les régates.
© Delos Communications

One man, one yacht, one race

Last weekend in Antibes, Mr Bonati therefore eschewed any obligations, abandoned his schedule and interviews, put on his shorts and hat and stepped aboard Eilean, the brand’s own classic yacht. It is a moment of pure pleasure that he allows himself whenever his schedule permits. Away from the photographers and their flashes, Angelo Bonati savours even the shortest outing on “his” yacht with its crew, becoming an anonymous sailor who, on land, manages one of the flagship brands of the Richemont group.

This yacht, Eilean, is the second particularity in Panerai’s commitment to yachting. Very few brands actually participate in the competitions that they sponsor, since many are afraid of failure in their own discipline. Examples to the contrary, such as Marc Hayek driving his own Lamborghini in the Super Trofeo sponsored by Blancpain, are few and far between.

50 tonnes of Italian grace

Panerai acquired the Bermudan ketch Eilean in 2007, spent three years restoring it and now enters it into the Classic Yachts Challenge just like any other competitor. Built in 1936 – the same year as the prototype of the first Radiomir – the 22-metre vessel has a displacement of 50 tonnes and has been competing on the circuit for the past two years. The brand’s participation is all the more exceptional given the formidable competition that it faces in the regattas.

Panerai yacht

Eilean a été restaurée durant plus de deux ans grâce à Panerai. La marque a conservé autant que possible ses matériaux et pièces d’origine.
© Delos Communications

For the moment at least, Panerai does not produce any watches dedicated to these regattas. The Luminor 1950 Regatta, with its regatta countdown timer, is however an ideal timepiece for this type of event. In fact, a quick check among the skippers last weekend showed that most of them were wearing Swiss Made mechanical Swiss fake Rolex watches rather than the electronic watches used for ocean races. Eilean also has the privilege of having custom made cockpit instruments specially designed and engraved for her. The gift is in line with the vessel’s responsibility, since it is Eilean that upholds the craftsmanship of Panerai in all conditions. Designed in Italy, made in Neuchâtel.

Instrument navigation Panerai

Panerai a fait spécialement réaliser pour Eilean un jeu complet d’instruments de mesure de navigation.
© Swiss Replica Rolex Watches Sale