Cyrus Klepcys Alarm

— Cyrus reinterprets the alarm replica watches in its own way, with a contemporary and technical feel.

Klepcys Réveil © Cyrus

The design of a new case inspired by the original Klepcys has been reworked with regard to both proportions and slimness. Balance is the very core of this product. The various materials and finishes ensure smoothness from every point of view. To ensure that the balance of the piece remains identical from one complication to the next, all functions are operated by the crowns.

Dating back to the 15th century, the alarm watch was made famous in the mid-1900s by companies such as Vulcain and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Today, Cyrus reinterprets this complication in its own way, with a contemporary and technical feel.

High-tech materials such as ceramic are now incorporated in the movement, while the decoration of the calibre – the manually wound calibre CYR1280, developped in partnership with Jean-François Mojon – echoes the case, with satin-polished, beadblasted and polished finishes, thus preserving the overall harmony and balance of this exclusive timepiece issued in a 30-piece limited edition.

More than just a collector’s item, or object of desire, a timepiece must by its very definition enable simple, easy reading of the time. The new codes of the Cyrus hands play to perfection on the satin-finished/beadblasted contrast which echoes the case finishes.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci.

This philosophy sums up the entire thought process behind the development of the strap, whose finishes and shapes setting a perfect final touch to the case, while the flexibility of the rubber ensures increased wearer enjoyment.

While picking up the aesthetic codes of the case, the buckle features an original touch originality further enhancing the pleasure of wearing a Cyrus timepiece. First and foremost, the dual blade system allows the wearer to put on and remove the Swiss replica watches simply using two fingers. The originality lies in the fine adjustment system requiring no additional tools and ensuring a perfectly snug fit on the wrist. Finally, the adjustment section that fits neatly the underside of the wrist serves to maintain the visual balance once it is closed.

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